Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Make a The Most of Your Time On Earth: Rough Guides

Book: Make The Most of Your Time On Earth: Rough Guides
Author: Rough Guides and Phil Senton
Edition: Fully Updated Second Edition, eBook from Fresno County Library
Read: Skimmed on December 8, 2014
1,881 pages
Rated: 3  out of 5

A 1,000 exotic places on this earth which can feed your sense of excitement.


Title is trendy, but does this book really do what it says? So far the titles sound fun, but taken as a complete picture of a life, it is hollow. Isn't there something more to life than going from one experience feeding your own experiences to another? Shouldn't your experience make you more satisfying, a bigger person than when you started out? Maybe like that age old thing of helping someone else?

The authors asks a good question at the start of the book: What makes the best kind of travel experience? Their answer is, the experience should be something you would recommend to others, something you would remember. The authors point out that it is not about the travel, but how you are engaged in the experience. Also how you are engaged with what is around you.

I will start by saying, I only skimmed the book. If you are looking for a book to provide a wide range of places to visit on this earth? This is the book for you. It provides a short description of 1,000 places around this world on every continent. The descriptions are short and exciting.

So why only a three stars? The trips described in this book is just not my cup of tea. First, most of the places and activities are not things I would be interested in-some of them are and some of them I have even done. Second, the premise which the editor has concerning things which one should do before you die. Shouldn't ones life be more than places to visit? Isn't there something more to one's life than wandering this earth from pole to pole from ocean to ocean? Hence, the reason for the three, it does not fulfill the premise of the title.

Good Quotes:

  • First Line: Experiences have always been at the heart of the Rough Guide concept.
  • Last Line: There are many Antarctic cruise operators but one of the best is Exodus.


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