Friday, January 2, 2015

In A Sunburned Country

Book: In A Sunburned Country
Author: Bill Byrson
Edition: eBook read on Overdrive from Fresno County Library
Read: January 2, 2015
561 pages
Rated: 3  out of 5

Bill Bryson visits each of the parts and major cities of Australia and gives an idea of what each is like.

The last couple of sentences pretty much sum up the book: Australia is an interesting place... And that really is all I'm saying. This is a well-written, entertaining, even humorous, book about Bill Bryson's travels through Australia. I got a good flavor of the country, its culture, peoples, and history. You can sum up his observations that Australia is:

  • Really big
  • There is a lot of remote and desolate areas
  • He really enjoys Australia
  • It is a dangerous place
  • Outsiders do not hear too much about it.
  • It is an interesting place
My rating of three does not indicate a lack of enjoyment-I did enjoy reading it. But it is also a book which I would be just as well off not reading it, sort of like a P.G.Wodehouse book-don't look for something to stir you to action, except for wanting to make a trip to Australia.

New Words:

  • Vivacity (Chp 10) the quality of being attractively lively and animated.
  • Odium (Chp 10) general or widespread hatred or disgust directed toward someone as a result of their actions.
  • Insalubrious ( Chp 15) Not promoting health; unwholesome
  • Fecund (Chp 18) producing or capable of producing an abundance of offspring or new growth; fertile
Book References:
  • Bryson has a well documented bibliography at the end of his book, containing65 books. He references most of these throughout the book.

Good Quotes:

  • First Line: Flying into Australia, I realized with a sigh that I had forgotten again who their prime minister is.
  • Last Line: An that really is all I'm saying.


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