Friday, October 23, 2015

When Someone Dies

Book: When Someone Dies: The Practical Guide to the Logistics of Death
Author: Scott Taylor Smith
Edition:Paperback from Fresno County Library
Read:October 23, 2015
214 pages
Genre:  Estate Planning
Rated: 4  out of 5

Walks through step by step what you need to consider right after a person dies. This is not a how to book, but more of a check list with brief descriptions.

When my father passed away, he left things in pretty good shape. But there was always a nagging feeling of what am I missing? Am I doing things right? When Someone Dies helped me see what the "else" I needed to do.

This is a book of checklists, followed  by brief descriptions. It is good a place to start to when someone does die. It does not try to explain each special case, or even how to do things in general. The organization of the book gives it away: it starts when someone dies, goes and says what to do for the next few days, months and then at the end of a year, what needs to be done to give up your role. At the end of the book, is a self-examination; not have you done your job right, but are you ready to have someone take over for you?

So if you are a novice in the death business, this is a good place to start.

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Good Quotes:
  • First Line: If you're reading this book, someone you love has just died.
  • Last Line: Consult an estate attorney.
Table of Contents:
  • As Death Approaches
  • Immediately after the Death
  • The Days after the Death: Nonfinancial Issues
  • The Days and Weeks after the Death: Financial Issues
  • The Year after the Death
  • You’re Done; Now Make Things Easy for Your Survivors


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