Friday, November 6, 2015

When Someone Dies in California

Book: When Someone Dies in California
Author: Amelia E Pohl and Bruce A Feder
Edition:Hardback from the Fresno County Library
Read:November 6, 2015
250 pages
Genre:  Estate Planning
Rated: 3  out of 5

This was the second book I looked at while  looking for guidance on doing making sure I was doing things right after my father's death. The first was When Someone Dies, similar title, different book. When Someone Dies in California walks you through a the steps to take from a little before the time of death till you are well on the road to closing out the estate. The good part of this book is that it cites where to find the pertinent information in the Probate Code of California-there are different books for other states. The language is more technical than I would have liked, but it is not bad-someplace between the layman and the lawyer. The edition which I read, it was written in the mid-2000's. There is a note in the book which indicates the publish will be updating the book each year.



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